Juki Automatic Products

Model: AB1351


Automatic 1-needle Belt-Loop Attaching Machine AB-1351 is the world's first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns! The belt-loop sewing shape and sewing size can be easily changed through the operation panel.This machine not only reduces the time required for the belt-loop attaching process, but also achieves labor-saving, such as the elimination of the previous process (belt-loop cutting). Productivity can be dramatically increased when one operator attends to two AB-1351 units.
Model: AMB-289


Computer-controlled, High-speed, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine. The machine demonstrates the highest productivity among button-neck-wrapping machines intended for men's and ladies' outer wear. A single machine unit permits the quick changeover of types of buttons to be sewn, i.e., flat buttons, shank button, marble buttons and stay buttons with a onetouch utility lever.
Model: AMS210EN


Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function. The sewing machine achieves the highest sewing speed, 2,800sti/min, in the industrial sewing machine industry. As a result, cycle time is dramatically reduced. The feed accuracy is substantially improved due to the adoption of the encoder control system. The new AMS Series models substantially decrease power consumption when compared with the conventional ones. They have been designed to achieve eco-friendliness.
Model: AP876


Automatic Pocket Setter (Full-automatic). The pocket setter automates a series of pocket attaching processes to automatically fold the subsequent pocket piece while the currently folded one is being attached on a garment body. This ensures consistent quality and increased productivity.
Model: APW-895N


Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine. The machine supports the sewing of straight pockets (with flaps) on suits, jackets and pants. Double-/single-welt sewing can be changed over by the simple touch of a key on the operation panel.
Model: MOL-254


Automatic 2-needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine. The machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop, which ensures increased productivity. The feed mechanism incorporates a computer-controlled X-Y method to allow the operator to change the number of stitches and sewing sizes.