Alkan Product

Model:Stenter Machine

Stenter Machinee:

ALKAN STENTER MACHINE is a fixture and width-fixing machine which dries the fabric in the plant by holding it transversely open with needle and latch pallets. Manufacturing can be done for knitted article and textiles as separate two fabrics or as in two types of fabrics. Our firm has been manufacturing the Ram machine at its own facilities since 1998.
Model:Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine:

This piece of machine ensures the untwisting of the fabric that come from centrifugal wringing process, by stretching it from both edges. It is so designed as to ensure the untwisting, straightening and plaiting of the fabric and at the same time to work with lengthwise looseness to avoid loop knot deformation.
Model:Air Relax Dryer

Air Relax Dryer Machine:

The main idea of drying with air cushion is to secure faultless drying with excellent shrink-proof degrees with tubular or open fabrics without applying any stretches. The fabric is d^ed in the drying compartment by means of multy-feed air cushioned conditions. And, this provides a perfect dimensional balance, a soft pleasant touch and an added value in the ultimate product,
Model: Baloon Hydro

Baloon Hydro:

High operating speed; 0 - 60 mt/min. Ease of use and saves manpower. Automatic fabric loading system. Specially coated cylinders. Excellent blowing and wringing. Tension free feeding possibility. J-Box. Variable operating speeds. Motor power; 7 Kw. Air pressure; 6 Bars. Twister controlled (optional).
Model: Fabric Dyeing Machine

Fabric Dyeing Machine:

CAPACITY : 5 kg sample dyeing laboratory machine. They can be manufactured for small parties of 5 kg and o150 kg as well as for larger parties from 150 kg to 900 kg in various ranges. Each compartment of machines from 50 Kg and up takes 150 kg dry fabric. (Ideal for the dyeing of fabrics up to 125 gr/m).
Model:Fabric Preparation Machine

Fabric Preparation Machine:

This machine opens the fabric rolls (A) of various width and characteristics by rolling them and the fabric is made ready for the next process as stacked by means of the plaiting unit bar (D) without being exposed to tension forces
Model:Reversing Machine

Fabric Reversing Machine:

This machine carries out reversing and plaiting processes of the tubular knitted fabric in forms of rolls or mixture pneumatically in a speedy way It is manufactured with two functions; {Reversing and folding) Fan motor: 15 K.W.- 2800 rpm Folding motor: 1.5 HP. A pneumatically operating machine. Reversing tube is of stainless steel. Folding cylinders are rubber plated.